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Gallery & Prices

PA Setup (Sound System Only)



Standard Setup (includes a DJ, wireless microphone and sound system as standard)

Civil Ceremony Service – Hindu Wedding Ceremony & Shehnai Music Service – Nikah Ceremony from £450


Small Party Setup (includes a DJ, wireless microphone, sound system and standard LED light show as standard)

Birthdays – Anniversaries – Engagement Parties – Sangeet Parties – Mehndis – Walimas – Haldis – Pre Wedding Parties from £500




Speaker (pair) from £200

Subwoofer (pair) from £200 (a subwoofer or sub is a woofer, or a complete loudspeaker, which is dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass)

Wired Microphone (each) from £25

Wireless Microphone (each) from £80


LED Moving Head Light (pair) from £200 (mounted on an LED up lit decorative aluminium pillar)

Venue Up Light (10 lights) from £200


LED Starcloth Backdrop/Drape from £150 (6m x 3m) (black or white LED star lit backdrop)

Plasma Screen (42″) (pair) fro £300

Projector & Screen (pair) from £300

LED Dance Floor from £500 (16′ x 16′) (available in black or white)

LED Video Wall from £500

DJ Console from £200 (presentation stand available with or without plasma screens)

Professional Indoor Confetti from £100 (pair) (available in a range of colours)


Miscellaneous (services provided by a third party and excluded from our terms and conditions)

Chocolate Fountain from £300 (£1 per head thereafter)

Indian Wedding Horse Kori from £450 (specially trained white horse dressed in ed and gold)

Dhol Player (pair) from £200

5 Piece Band Baja Bollywood Brass Band from £1000 (includes dhol player)

Sitar & Tabla from £300

Bollywood Violinist from £300

Bollywood Pianist from £600

Toastmaster from £800 (based on all day event)


Please note the prices can vary depending on location and type of venue.