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Desi Jockeys Asian Wedding DJs

Desi Jockeys Lockdown Diary

Bobby Akhiyan and DJ Micky of Desi Jockeys Asian DJs Manchester, have kept themselves busy throughout the challenging lockdown period of 2020.


Although the team have not been as busy entertaining guests at Asian Wedding and Birthday Party events, they certainly didn’t stop entertaining their followers over social media handles Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


The International DJs decided to invest their time in hosting Virtual Bollywood Parties to thousands of viewers around the globe through the lockdown period of 2020, some for fun and others to help raise money for those in need.


Below is a rundown of the Virtual Events Desi Jockeys hosted and participated in this year.


April 2020 – Desi Jockeys Live Set 2020

The Desi Jockeys first official virtual DJ set was broadcasted on Facebook, hosted by Bobby Akhiyan & DJ Micky. We had it setup just like we were performing at a Club Venue in Manchester or even Liverpool. We played a mix of Bollywood, Punjabi Bhangra blending it with the Smoothest R’n’B and trending Spanish music. We were taking requests and had followers from all over the UK as well as Spain and India buzzing to the vibe. It was an amazing experience, we would like to thank everyone that tuned in to support us on the night. You can watch our live set here 


May 2020 – Lanzarote Holi 2020 Event

Since March 2016 Desi Jockeys Asian DJs have been hosting the Holi On The Beach event in Lanzarote. Due to the restriction the live event was cancelled, Desi Jockeys Asian DJs and the organisers of the Lanzarote Holi event came to hold a virtual event to celebrate the Holi festival in May 2020.


The Virtual Holi 2020 Event was a great success. Desi Jockeys Asian DJ’s performed a DJ set for 2 hours playing the latest Bollywood and Spanish hits. The event was supported by the Hindu Community of Lanzarote, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, tourists of Spain and the UK. To add to this we had viewers tuned in from India, Jamaica, Africa and the USA as well as other parts of the world too.


June 2020 Northern Collective

Desi Jockeys Asian DJs Manchester were approached to take part in a 12 hour marathon where DJs, Singers, Live Bands, Dhol Players, Dancers and other artists were going to perform to raise money for Sikh Sport UK and Homeless Hampers charities. It was an absolute honour to perform alongside other artists of the North West to help those mostly in need. The event raised an outstanding £13255 which we all felt was a great achievement. You can visit the Desi Jockeys YouTube Channel where you can watch the Manchester DJs in action playing the best of Bollywood, Bhangra, R’n’B and UK Garage music. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.


August 2020 – Northern Collective

Desi Jockeys Asian DJs Manchester and Bobby Akhiyan were amongst many DJs, Singers, Live Bands, Dhol Players, Dancers and other artists who collectively performed for a total of 12 hours to raise money for Leeds Children’s Transplant Fund & Marie Curie charities. A total of £3000 was raised and donated to these charities. 

October 2020 – Lanzarote Dandiya Night

Following the success of the Lanzarote Holi 2020 Event Desi Jockeys Asian DJs once again collaborated with the Hindu Community of Lanzarote, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria for a Dandiya night to celebrate Navratri as well as Diwali 2020. This time we also had viewers from Hong Kong, South America, Surat India. We had the world dancing to Garba and Bollywood from their living rooms. As much as we love the virtual events we look forward to meeting our friends and performing in Lanzarote in 2021.