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Desi Jockeys Asian Wedding DJs

Planning Your Asian Wedding

Do you agree that the entertainment is one of the most important and fun parts of celebrating a wedding?

We at Desi Jockeys believe that getting your wedding entertainment right is essential to make your special day successful.  Desi Jockeys therefore provide an outstanding Asian Wedding DJ service that takes entertainment to another level.

Stages of Planning Your Asian Wedding Entertainment


The most important part of starting to plan your event is for us to meet with you to determine your entertainment needs.  Once we have discussed and agreed your requirements we would be happy to arrange a site visit to fine tune the details.

Pre Wedding

It all begins at your pre wedding day normally know as the Sangeet or Haldi. This is when we get to interact with your guests for the first time.  At this event you would ideally have a standard DJ setup and a wireless microphone system so that your guests can join in with the Sangeet ceremony and thereafter dance the night away to Bollywood, Punjabi and UK chart music.

Wedding Day

On the wedding day the Barat (groom and groom’s guests) will be welcomed with Dhol players (drummers) dressed in vibrant and traditional Punjabi costumes.

Next the Hindu wedding ceremony will take place.  We will provide you with a sound system which will include a lapel wireless microphone system so that the Pandit (Priest) can recite the wedding ceremony to your guests over the melodious backing music of the traditional wedding Shehnai (Indian clarinet).

If you are the bride, and require to walk into your civil ceremony with music, then this would require a similar setup to the Hindu wedding ceremony.  Music will be played before and after the ceremony so that the guests are entertained throughout the ceremony.


Throughout the service of the canapés, it may be a good idea to have a live performance. Indian classical musicians playing the Sitar and Tabla is always a good treat.


Moving onto the reception guests will be seated, to welcome with applause, the newly married couple to the top table accompanied by music or dhol players.

After the speeches the bride and groom will be invited to cut their wedding cake with the guests participating in a countdown. This will be followed by showers of colourful confetti for the first dance.

To finish the days events, all the guests will be invited to join the bride and groom on the dance floor to celebrate their wedding through vocal interaction and the best of Bollywood, Punjabi and UK chart music.

It is not what we do that will make people talk about your wedding, it’s how we do it.